A digital marketing and consulting agency located in eastern Kentucky, A.I.M. (Appalachian Internet Marketing), is determined to help you succeed.

     Social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Google SEO, Facebook ads, and E-commerce are just a few of the services we offer to elevate your business to the next level. Relying on traditional means of advertising such as billboards, television, newspapers, radio, etc. will only take your business so far. We will build advocacy and loyalty to your brand (we'll help if you don't have one) through our efforts.

     Depending on your company's individual needs, we'll collaborate a marketing strategy with techniques and methods already proven to be successful. That's what makes what we do such a beautiful thing. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours of work and research have already been invested into many of the same efforts and services we propose. With all the guess work behind us, there's no choice but to get results. When you know it has been, and is, working for others, bringing us on as part of the team is painless.

     If you seem to have hit a plateau in your marketing efforts, or better yet just getting started, you will absolutely benefit from our services... guaranteed. One out of fifty companies have no desire to scale up in their business. Our guess though, is your 1 of the 49 that do want more sales or customers. So if our hunch is right, don't procrastinate any longer and let A.I.M. scale your company as high as you dare to go.

Our Story & Purpose

     It's no secret what the demise of the coal industry has done to our local economy. It's our goal to financially stimulate small businesses all across Appalachia to give our children and grandchildren the option to move on, instead of being forced to.

     No one understands this more than our CEO Sean Keene (father, husband, and former coal miner). " I know the value of a hard day's work and the importance of good morals and character. The satisfaction alone of helping someone's business not only succeed, but thrive in our region makes it all worthwhile. As a 3rd generation coal miner, helping the good people of our community flourish and prosper once again isn't just business; it's personal. All of this makes A.I.M. more of a lifestyle to me than a company. We have to focus on making Appalachia great again before we can make America great again. Let me build a real relationship with you and show you how passionate I am about taking your brand to the next level. God bless. "



     We could list a dozen or more attributes here such as honest, respectable, dependable, ethical, professional, etc. ....., which we are all of the above. However integrity is what A.I.M. and it's brand was built around.

     The I in A.I.M. stands for integrity as well because it is the center of who we are and what we do. Jesus is 100% the rock in which we build on, but integrity is the foundation. With complete integrity everything else just falls into place. Lots of other companies may claim it but very few own it. By doing the right thing even when no one's looking, you're not going to do or be involved in any way in anything immoral or unethical .... period.

     It's definitely not as easy doing business this way but it's much more rewarding and satisfying. We will be as straightforward with you as humanly possible, no bull. When you choose to run your business with complete integrity, as well as live your life that way, trust and relationships build themselves. We look forward to establishing both with you.